US setting new coronavirus case records as ‘Russian bounty’ row continues – live updates

Here’s our full report now on those US job numbers:

US employers took back another 4.8 million workers last month as the coronavirus pandemic’s economic impact appeared to wane, marking the second consecutive month of jobs growth. But the latest figures are from before new surges in infections that threaten the fragile recovery.

The US Department of Labor announced on Thursday that the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1% in June from an initial estimate of 13.3% in May. The figure is still more than three times higher than the 3.5% unemployment rate in February before the US outbreak.

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As well as the whipping post in Delaware (see 7:20am), another removal yesterday was that of the statue of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson from Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. The monument to the Confederate General who fought against the US was taken down by crane in front of a crowd of onlookers.

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